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Angelina Douglas - Founder, Director

 " I started Free Grace Sisterhood in 2018 after God saw me through an abusive relationship/ marriage from the ages of 18-21. I now live everyday allowing God to use me as an example of His grace and mercy. The purpose of Free Grace Sisterhood is to give women a space and community to grow, heal, educate, and build. I am dedicated to supporting each one of our sisters as we grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We also provide mentorship for young ladies to ensure that the Leader inside of them never becomes buried because of the hardships of the world.


I am a MHPA and the owner/head baker of Sweet Cheese Baked Goods. I am also a poet and writer.


 I strongly believe in giving back, and fighting/ advocating for those who are in need."


Crystal Peters- 1st Chair Co- Director

" I am dedicated to serving the Lord and His people. I am a walking testimony to God's love and will continue to allow God to use my life as an example of his power! I strongly believe and support the need for sisterhood. God is faithful and together we will find out just how faithful He is. We are committing to change and growth and giving God all the glory."



I am an upcoming author and entrepreneur. 


Laissa Mauvais - 2nd Chair Co- Director

" I am passionate about God's work and live for what He will do for your life when you let Him. I am grateful for the storms God has brought me through and want to share and help others experience Him as well. We need each other and have created a community of support".

I also help people live a financially debt-free life. I advise, teach, and practice healthy spending, budgeting, and investing. 

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